Native Plant Seedbank for 

Central Queensland


Central Queensland (CQ) region has diverse and unique plant communities in which more than 3000 plant species occur.  Conservation of these plants, particularly those occurring in the serpentinite habitats and softwood scrubs are of great importance, as their long-term survival is being threatened by mining and tree clearing activities.

Landcare groups, field biologists and nursery operators have some understanding of the features and uses of native plants that occur in CQ. However, most of this information is not readily accessible to other users, as it is not widely published. Currently no information is available on seed storage, and little is known about germination requirements of plants of CQ region (the currently available information is restricted to species of commercial significance only). This project was carried out with the view to assisting the native plant enthusiasts in the use of native plants in gardening, revegetation and/or conservation programs.


  • Collect seeds from different plant communities of Central Queensland
  • Establish a seedbank for CQ region
  • Investigate seed storage/ germination requirements of selected native plants of CQ
  • Provide technical information to landcare groups/native plant enthusiasts
  • Collate information on native plants, and establish a Website
  • Develop in vitro propagation procedures for plants that fail to produce seeds
  • Supply small quantities of seed to requested landcare groups

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